Hexcel’s Frederic Pomies to Present Lightweight Solutions for Industrial Applications at Turkish Composite Summit 2019

STAMFORD, Conn., October 7, 2019 -- At the Turkish Composites Summit in Istanbul on October 10-12, Hexcel Sales Engineer Frederic Pomies will make a presentation about Hexcel’s latest innovations for Industrial applications, with a special focus on new products for the marine industry.

Hexcel’s extensive range of composite materials will be featured – from carbon fiber and reinforcements to prepreg, honeycomb and adhesives. Special mention will be made of Hexcel’s new surfacing prepreg, HexPly® XF2, and semi-pregs for boat building. Providing a tough, durable and ready-to-paint surface without using in-mold coats, these fiber-reinforced matrix products shorten manufacturing cycles and reduce material costs.

In addition to the conference presentation, Hexcel’s products will be promoted on the ASES Aviation Services and Support Inc. (ASES) stand. ASES is Hexcel’s Official Distributor in Turkey and has decades of experience supplying aerospace customers. However, with weight savings and high performance becoming key requirements in other markets as well, ASES is now promoting Hexcel materials in several markets. ASES is establishing a Composites Center with an R&D unit in the Ankara Aerospace Industrial Zone (HAB-ANKARA) to serve aerospace, marine, automotive, defense and energy sectors with high-tech materials and innovative solutions.

The Hexcel presentation will take place on Thursday, October 10 at 1 p.m.


Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials including carbon fibers, specialty reinforcements, prepregs and other fiber-reinforced matrix materials, honeycomb, adhesives, engineered core and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications.


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