Summer Sports

Hexcel’s leading edge technology and advanced structural materials have played a key role in the evolution of sports and recreation equipment, providing lightness, stiffness and strength. From performance bikes to tennis racquets, golf shafts, fishing rods and surfboards, Hexcel is proud to supply the “top of the range” with cutting-edge materials that provide the performance edge.

HexTow® Carbon Fibers

Stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, as stiff as titanium, Hexcel offers a range of standard, high strength and intermediate HexTow® carbon fibers to provide the desired performance for sporting goods. HexTow® HM63 carbon fiber is successfully in premium golf shafts. This PAN-based continuous fiber, available in 6,000 (6K) and 12,000 (12K) filament count tows, is preferred for its high strength and high modulus performance. The fiber has been surface treated and sized to improve its handling characteristics, interlaminar shear strength, compressive strength, and structural properties.

HexForce® Reinforcement Fabrics

Hexcel’s extensive weaving capabilities produce high-performance carbon fabrics including closely woven PrimeTex® fabrics that are used to great effect by leading bike wheel manufacturer Corima.Corima 3

With Corima’s new 3 spokes wheel, race competitors are achieving superior performance in time trials, exceeding 100km/h on this aerodynamic design.

The result of Corima’s in-house CAD, FEA and prototyping, plus wind-tunnel and ground tests, the wheel is compression molded using structural foam combined with Hexcel’s lightweight PrimeTex® 98gsm 3k fabrics and HexPly® prepreg resin systems.  The benefits are superior stiffness for enhanced power transfer, vibration absorption for a quiet and more comfortable ride, and reliability and lightness.

Hexcel’s super white glass fabrics are widely used in the manufacture of surfboards for the superior finish and improved resin infusion. Customer’s claim that HexForce® fabrics produce the whitest, brightest surfboards on the market.

HexPly® Prepregs

Hexcel is a leader in prepreg technology, with a range of products developed specifically for sporting goods. HexPly® M77HF high flow prepreg cures in just 3 minutes and is suitable for low-pressure processing by cello-wrapping, simple presses, bladder molding and even vacuum-only pressure. HexPly® M35-4 is a highly versatile prepreg providing excellent mechanical and temperature performance, with cure cycles from 80 to 180°C providing process flexibility.  HexPly® M901 prepreg reduces mold cure times below 15 minutes and provides 15% higher mechanical performance than standard industrial prepregs, with enhanced fatigue properties. HexPly® M10E prepregs are recommended for cost-effective large thick-sectioned industrial structures.