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Modipur® Polyurethanes

If you need to produce cost-effective high performance components, in medium to high production volumes, then Modipur® could be your solution. Modipur® polyurethane systems enable complex shapes to be achieved at low cure temperatures and in rapid production cycles.

Hexcel supplies a wide range of formulated two-component systems that are used for sports, automotive and other industrial applications. The Modipur® range includes semi-flexible and integral foams with closed or open cell structures. The products are used as core materials, as insulation and/or for their adhesive properties, in sports and industrial applications.

HexFlow® is a polyurethane laminating resin that provides outstanding mechanical properties. HexFlow® is ideal for applications requiring high stiffness, short cure cycles at moderate temperatures and with a class A surface.

We are not selling from the catalog – our strength is the creation of tailor made solutions for individual customers and partners.

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